michael t at his desk

Michael Tackett

Web Developer

Education: Full Stack (MERN) Certification – University of Minnesota.

Hobbies: Pool, Writing Poetry, Application Development, Motorcycles.

Favorite Video Games: World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat.

Favorite Movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Gremlins, and The Matrix.

Michael hails from the depths of Chicago, IL. There, he began developing his taste for technology and and programming. Over the years, Michael continued collecting knowledge before inevitably enrolling in a full stack certification program.

During this course, Michael learned how to harness the full power of the MERN stack. Michael has experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, React, Express.js, MySQL, and Python.

To this day, Michael continually searches for new frameworks to learn, new libraries to master, and new languages to conquer.