Logan The Dog

Office Helper &
The Goodest Boy

Education/Certification: Pet Academy for Very Good Bois, Doge Management

Hobbies: Hunting Gremlins, Exploring, Garbage Cans

Favorite Movies: The Nut Job, 101 Dalmatians, Back to the Future, and Beethoven

Favorite Video Games: Pokémon Go, League of Legends, and Minecraft

Logan, the Shop Dog, was born during a screening of Back to the Future while a witch worked on a spell at the Egyptian Theater. Logan left his family and wandered a bit, coming across a gold duck and a koala dressed as Elvis Presley, until finding shelter with the fine folks at the Tails Humane Society. Soon he was adopted by ARMOR as its residential shop dog, destined to manage every employee and protect the shop from would-be-evil spirits.

Logan is easily the hardest working employee at the office, napping and monitoring everyone as they conduct work. He regularly checks in on each employee as they diligently complete their task and is sure to bring attention to problems they might face. In addition, he valiantly protects ARMOR from any threat it may encounter, from delivery men to gremlins hiding out in the trash. Although still a puppy, Logan is doing an excellent job helping out the shop. He is, first and foremost, a very good boi.