James Weidner

Computer & Mobile
Device Technician

Hobbies: Exploring haunted and abandoned places, watching comedy and horror films, tinkering with electronics

Favorite Video Games: No Man’s Sky, Yu-Gi-Oh, Need for Speed, and Call of Duty

Favorite Movies: Billy Madison, Amityville Horror, World War Z, and Friday the 13th

Favorite Food: Mexican and Steak

James Weidner was born in Spring Valley, IL, grew up in DeKalb, and then moved to Missouri for a few years before returning home to DeKalb. His dream career has always been IT, cyber security, and device repair. Ever since he can remember, he had always had a love and passion for computers and electronics. He always asked to have old or dead electronics to experiment and tinker. Everything from computers to cell phones, he loves what he does. He is currently working towards acquiring some networking certifications to advance his career.