Bryce Parker

Computer & Mobile
Device Technician

Hobbies: RPG and Horror games, Building Gundam Plastic Models, Printmaking, and Digital Painting

Favorite Video GamesFinal Fantasy, Resident Evil, and Metal Gear

Favorite TV Shows: Cobra Kai, Star Trek, Friends, and Dragon Ball

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter, Mexican food, and Steak.

Bryce was born in Ohio and moved to Illinois at the age of 11, then to the DeKalb area shortly after turning 12. From a young age, he was interested in art and technology. Growing up playing videos games inspired him to try and figure out how things were made: studying the specific styles of how visuals were created to the specific tech used to create them. In college, he started out pursuing game and concept art design but switched to pure art finishing an Associates of Fine Arts from Kishwaukee College in 2017.


His passion for computers and technology began at a young age when he decided to research how to build his first computer. After finishing that computer, he just kept accumulating knowledge and growing his troubleshooting skills. He started to spread that knowledge and assist his colleagues and clients with their tech needs. Eventually, this developed into a small side business building computers for a few clients and small businesses and offering troubleshooting support to various individuals online. In 2021, he decided he wanted to pursue a career in Information Technology and started to work toward building certifications; starting with the Google IT Support Certifications.