Social Media

Do You Want More Customers?

Social media is a powerful tool for creating buzz about your business. But you have to be cautious with your approach. Direct marketing campaigns over social media can seem a bit heavy-handed. Even when done correctly, we’ve seen companies garner buzz about their business but fall short of the sales predicted by their marketing agencies. Rather than try a hard-sell approach, our goal is to make you a part of the conversation. We will use your success to illustrate the expertise that your company wields in its corner of the market. Social media will take your reputable brand and make it the very first name people think of in your industry.

We Build Campaigns That Produce Results

How do we facilitate this? We will build your Twitter following and expand your presence on Facebook. We’ll work with your Yelp profile, update your LinkedIn company page, and increase your “Likes” and “Shared” on Facebook. We will build the social media links and tools to make your word of mouth campaign a success. We can arrange your website to encourage visitors to log in with their Facebook accounts. This helps visitors by allowing them to create an account on your site without needing a new username or password. They can then easily share things from your site with their friends and post to their Facebook feed. You will get some of the information from this, so you can analyze your users and site usage.
Allow your visitors to become engaged with your website and with your business. They will then actually contribute content and do some of the promotional work you need to get ahead. Become active in your community and beyond with social media! Here are a few social tools we’ll help you with:
  • Yelp reviews
  • Twitter feeds
  • Facebook “Like” and “Share”
  • Blogs
  • LinkedIn profile