Managed Information Technology Services

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ARMOR offers its full lifecycle of Managed IT services to the businesses in DeKalb, Ogle, Kane, and DuPage counties. We provide IT support and technology management services that enable companies to focus IT staff on “core” business projects rather than the day-to-day tasks that can be provided more efficiently and quicker by a locally-based managed technology service provider.

ARMOR uses ITIL-based methods to support your tech needs. We provide advanced security, cloud hosting, network transport, and disaster recovery services. Our proprietary systems monitor and manage your IT infrastructure 24×7 with security policy administration, backup management, event log monitoring, patch management, and server and availability monitoring.

Advantages That Come With Using Managed Services​

IT infrastructure is critical to your company and the management of that IT infrastructure is equally important. If you agree with this ideas, then you want to establish a relationship with a provider like ARMOR that will be a partner with you, not a vendor who just sells commodity solutions.

ARMOR IT Provides The Following Benefits

  • Flexible, prompt, personalized services to fit your business’s needs
  • Stability and consistency: monthly reports on your IT infrastructure
  • Standardization and refining of processes, increased efficiency
  • Reduction in overall expenses to your business
  • Expert staff that works for you and your business
  • Affordable, fixed monthly rates for services
  • Management of Azure, AWS, Office 365, and several other vendor services
  • Full network management, from installation to day-to-day management
  • Maintained and managed security and compliance
  • Reduction of IT focus on managing and maintaining IT infrastructure

Our promise is to work with your business to be as time and cost efficient as possible, saving you from hidden fees and large cost deficits. We quote for the time the project will take, working as closely as possible with your staff to ensure it is done correctly and in a way that promotes the most growth for your business. With our managed IT services, your best interest is ours.

ARMOR offers a full range of Managed IT Services. Beginning with a “Tech Overview” ARMOR can review your current IT environment and collaboratively develop a “Systems Roadmap” that will provide you with cost savings, and overall increases in efficiency. Our services also include Cloud Hosting, Remote Infrastructure Monitoring and Management, Backup and Disaster Recovery, and Application Development/Management. All of this is supported by our convenient Help Desk Services.

IT Consulting: We will happily advise companies of the more complex facets of information technology where businesses may find themselves challenged to manage their own technology.

Project Management: We work with you to gather a clear understanding of your objectives and goals. With these in mind, we help to plan, coordinate, implement, and execute the project to your specifications. Our goal is saving your time, and allowing you to focus your efforts elsewhere.

IT Management and Support: From PBX Systems, to managed servers, backup and disaster recovery, help desk services, and web/application development, ARMOR can help your business increase productivity and better leverage your IT staff.

Application Services: Optimal performance is your goal – and it’s ours too. Whatever application needs your business may have—web-based or otherwise—if ARMOR does not already have a solution we will build one. Working closely with your business, the custom applications ARMOR builds are guaranteed to increase productivity, and promote optimal performance.

Contracted IT Staff: With the ARMOR Model, companies experience reduced IT expenses, standardized workflows, and improved productivity. ARMOR recognizes and adapts with the size and complexity of your business to deliver the best possible value and experience for your individual business.

Blacksmith Basic Data Backup – 250GB
$240.00 per year + $100 per additional 100GB for unlimited computers.
Blacksmith Standard Data Backup – 500GB
$550.00 per year + $100 per additional 100GB for one server.
Blacksmith Premium Data Backup – 500GB
$900.00 per year + $100 per additional 100GB for multiple servers.
On Site I.T. Service
$120.00 per hour
Emergency On Site I.T. Service
$160.00 per hour
1 Hour Priority Support for 3 Devices
$120.00 per month
2 Hour Priority Support for 6 Devices
$225.00 per month
4 Hour Priority Support for 10 Devices
$422.00 per month
8 Hour Priority Support for 20 Devices
$730.00 per month
Priority Support Quote
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We Can Get Your Lost Data Back.​

ARMOR offers in-house data recovery options for all types of hard drive and solid-state media recovery:

  • Any interface: IDE, EIDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS, and Fibre Channel
  • Any combination of drives: single hard drive or multiple RAID drives
  • Any brand

Lost data can be recovered whether the hard drive has crashed, has been damaged or has been the victim of a natural disaster.

Why Do Hard Drives Lose Data?​

ARMOR’s technicians classify hard drive data loss in two categories:

  • Logical failure – the hard drive is in working order but some files or data cannot be accessed for logical reasons such as a lost partition table or accidental reformatting.
  • Mechanical failure – the hard drive is not functioning. The most common causes are head crashes and motor failures.

A combination of both of these can be caused in part by power surges, accidental overwriting, accidental formatting, natural disasters, and viruses.

How ARMOR Recovery Services Helps To Recover From Hard Drive Data Loss​

Data recovery involves more than just replacing parts. ARMOR uses cutting-edge hard drive recovery tools and processes derived from heavy investment in R&D and years of experience. In the case of mechanical failure, hard drives are imaged, and a copy of the disk is made and transferred to a new system. ARMOR’s tools can “force” the drive to read around the bad area.

Notice: Trying This On Your Own Or With An Inexperienced Provider May Cause Further Damage To The Drive.​​