Phone & Mobile Device Repair

Whether Apple, Android, Or Any Other Mobile Device - We Fix I.T.

ARMOR services all major cell phone models. Our technicians utilize top quality tools and parts when repairing your mobile device, as well as industry standard procedures for the repairs themselves.

We will fix cracked or damaged screens, power buttons, and volume buttons. We will replace batteries, clean phones inside and out, replace broken cameras, perform data backup and recovery, and much more.

Repair Services

Let’s face it, we’re always on our phones and we’ve all dropped our phones (and watched them fall in slow motion while our life flashes before our eyes). Your heart sinks when it hits the ground, and you pick it up to see your screen is either broken or still intact. The fact of the matter is that continued accidental mistreatment of a phone will eventually cause the screen to break. While screen protectors and a case help a little, there is still potential to break your screen. Fortunately, ARMOR is here to help. We’ve fixed almost every type of phone (even your dad’s flip phone that you’ve been begging him to get rid of). We can also replace faulty batteries, endless boot-loops, etc.

Phone & Tablet: Tips & Care

  • If it is water damaged, remove the battery and bring it in as soon as possible.
  • If the phone’s operating system is hanging up, un-install the most recent apps that have been downloaded and then reboot the phone. If it is still an issue, bring it in.
  • Your phone’s battery will only last for so many full charge cycles. If you are a heavy user, keep it plugged in to extend the life of the battery. The same is true for your tablet.
  • Download all your data to your PC before you reset your phone or tablet. Also regularly check for the OS updates. Next to Windows, the Android OS has the most exploits due to people downloading poorly designed, poorly maintained, or poorly secured apps.

These are the most common problems or issues that we receive. If you experience a problem that you don't see listed here, please call us or stop in and we will diagnose it for you!