Inbound Marketing and You

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  • Post published:December 12, 2017
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One of the most challenging hurdles for businesses to overcome, in our experience, seems to be keeping a consistent sales flow—no matter the industry. Finding good, consistent leads to convert into customers for your products or services can be a major headache because you typically wind up chasing several potential clients, but only converting a fraction of those you're after. Luckily, with inbound marketing, your job is made easier since the leads come directly to you—and optimally allowing you to pick and choose to provide your product or service only to the best clients for your business. As we're approaching nearly a decade since Brian Halligan wrote the book on inbound marketing. As the book and the approach to marketing turn a decade old, how has inbound aged?

1. What is inbound?
"Inbound Marketing" is a concept originally coined by HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan. HubSpot defines inbound marketing as a process "focused on attracting customers through relevant and helpful content and adding value at every stage in your customer's buying journey." This is done initially through regularly generating qualified, dynamic content that is tailored to exactly what your potential buyers may be looking for. The main idea behind inbound is to build trust and credibility for your business through the content you put out.
2. How do we use inbound to help your business?
With inbound, your customers come to you, rather than fighting for their attention. Armor uses inbound to help your business by formatting your web pages to gather leads. We will produce regular rotating content for you, put CTA (Call to Action) buttons on your pages, and build landing pages with forms to get you the customer information you need. You can then take these leads and reach out to them in whichever way you'd like. The reason why these are good, qualified leads, is because these prospects found your website, they liked your content, and then they filled out your form; so the likelihood of them being interested in your product or service is high.
3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is a term that's been buzzing around the marketing world for years. The problem is many people don't know how to properly use the SEO tools available to draw prospects to their website. The best way Armor helps by regularly generating and rotating the keywords on your web pages. This ensures that when someone searches for a given keyword, your web page or blog is among the first to pop up. On top of working with your websites on-page SEO, Armor can also help you support several additional pieces of metadata for your webpages/blog, professionally managing your Search Engine Profiles, and overall build your online presence as a tool to generate your business leads.

Overall, the inbound process benefits almost every single industry type. Most importantly, generating this type of content gives you credibility and builds trust with your ideal audience. Gone are the days of cold calling and harassing people to get a sale; because with inbound, qualified leads come directly to you. Armor's team is gladly here to help you through these steps, and the rest of the inbound marketing process, to ensure that your business successfully implements the inbound marketing methodology. If you have any questions, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.