7 BEST Tech Tips For Convenience & Security

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  • Post published:July 24, 2023
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Now more than ever, being familiar with being online is a must. We’ve all got smartphones in our pockets, and most of us work with a computer on a near-daily basis – take a look at these convenient tech tips that will also help keep you more secure as you surf the web.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts Save MASSIVE Time

Mac, PC, and even Linux have hotkeys available to make performing common tasks much easier. On PC, you can use CTRL + C to copy highlighted files or text, CTRL + V will paste them, and CTRL + F will open the “Find” feature that allows you to search! There are tons of them that can save you clicks, and time.

BONUS: My favorite hotkey combo is CTRL + SHIFT + T, which opens the most recently closed browser tab. This is so useful when doing research or reading documentation – and you can open multiple tabs from your history this way too!

2. Use an External Drive for Backups and Backup Regularly

There’s nothing worse than a failing computer costing you tens or hundreds of hours of work, or worse – dollars! You should take backups of important files and documents regularly – we recommend monthly, at least. Using an external drive allows you to store the information in a way that lasts longer. When completed remove the device and store it in a safe place to avoid damage.

3. Keep Your Software Updated

Every single day software is getting new updates, and some of these updates implement new things that aren’t available in older versions. Sometimes these newer features can cause conflicts – so it’s important to make sure the software you use regularly is up to date. Make sure you only update through the software or on the developers’ website.

4. On the Internet, if it sounds too good to be true, it definitely is.

The Internet is a common mechanism for scamming, but it can be easy to identify and stop scams before it’s too late. Our best tips for this are to recognize when something seems too good to be true, verify WHO or WHERE you’re getting your information from, and don’t click on links from places that aren’t reputable. Most of the safety of the internet is just to be a good user. Hover over links to see the real direction it is taking you. If it looks wrong do not click it.

5. Anti-Virus Software Isn’t Always Needed

It’s 2023, and at least on Windows devices you don’t always need an Anti-Virus software. Windows Defender comes standard with Windows 10 and above, and regularly gets security updates making it one of the best lines of defense for your device. Most of the current virus scans are using the resources of your computer for data mining. It’s good to have tools to scan your device and remove files if you believe you have a virus (we recommend Malwarebytes and CCleaner – both have free versions!) but your OS may be good enough to defend itself if you’re safely browsing the web!

6. Get a Second Monitor

Seriously – the amount of work (and distractions) we have available to us now – getting a second (or third, or fourth) monitor is definitely a must! You will increase your productivity at work and home. You’ll be surprised how much more efficient your research, entertainment, and general experience is when using a computer.

7. Remember, It’s Dangerous To Go Alone!

Take these tips, and the knowledge that if something does go wrong, whether you get hacked, you think you’re being scammed, or your devices just aren’t running like they used to – you’ve got your local IT Department only a phone call away to make sure you’re taken care of.