Arrow Enterprise Resource Planning

When choosing the right tools to build and maintain your website, you need something that is easy to use and that works for your business. ARROW Enterprise Resource Planning (ARROW ERP) is exactly that—a system to build, manage, and maintain your website that works with your business to provide the optimal experience for visitors and internal work. ARROW is actively developed and tailored to work specifically for your business, if there isn’t a system that your business needs to operate, we’ll develop, test, and maintain a custom tool for you.

Features Of The ARROW ERP

AES-256 Encrypted Data Storage

Do you need to store sensitive data on your website? Credit card numbers, passwords, sensitive client information – all of it can be stored in our locked data system. This system encrypts the data and stores it in the database to keep it protected from prying eyes and those who shouldn’t have the data.

Fully Featured CRM And Client Manager

Is keeping track of all of your clients becoming a headache? Are things falling through the cracks and getting forgotten? Keep every client, and all of their individual data organized and informed with ARROW’s fully featured CRM systems. You can even create quotes, send invoices, and email clients from any device with an internet connection, right from within ARROW.

Advanced Banner Carousel Creation

Movement has been proven to create more visual engagement, and to drive visitors to further explore your website. Using our Advanced Banner Creator you can create multi-layer, multi-directional movement with ease and create even more visually appealing and engaging pieces. The Advanced Banner Creator gives you super precise controls, allowing for edits to be made on a frame-by-frame basis.

Organization Tools: Calendar And Events Systems

Organizational tools are vital to running your business efficiently and smoothly—without them, things can be overlooked and forgotten, causing issues for everyone down the road. Organize your business and your clients with our Calendar and Event Systems. Tracking tasks, planning meetings, or even letting the office know when workers won’t be in the office, our system keeps everyone organized all in one place.

Real-Time Error Reporting

Business never stops—and has no time to wait. When something goes wrong, somebody needs to be on top of the errors and actively working to fix them to ensure your business continues to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. With the ARROW ERP real-time error reporting system, an ARMOR technician is contacted automatically when something goes wrong on your website, allowing for us to solve the problem quickly-many times before you even notice it was broken. Your website and your IT staff are supposed to work for you, and the real-time error reporting cuts down on service wait times exponentially (usually from days to hours).

Business Blogging System

More and more the web is evolving to support qualified, dynamic content. What better way to supplement your website’s content than with business blogging tools that allow your dynamic new content to get in front of your clients with ease—with multi-faceted editing each post can be a work of art. Stay ahead of the pack and continue to build your website’s reputation and search engine optimization with our fully featured blogging platform, with the ability to integrate with your existing Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Photo Gallery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We believe a picture can be worth much more, especially on your website. Using our photo gallery tools, it’s simple to create beautiful and easy to navigate photo galleries that will continually bring people back to your site to admire your work, and allow you to share those words with the world.

eCommerce Marketplace

A new feature to ARROW v6, our e-commerce platform offers easy control and advanced customization to capture the vision of your brick-and-mortar shop and to get your products in front of your ideal audience. We believe that effective use of your website should directly translate into growing sales numbers, and with the ARROW eCommerce platform. you have just that. Make it easy for users to spend money with you with the ARROW platform.

Knowledge Base Management

Businesses all have a similar goal in mind: to be the authority in their field of business, and to have clients seek them out when they have questions. The ARROW Knowledge Base helps to establish this authority, allowing you to store all of that knowledge in one searchable, shareable location. With public and private sharing options, this system allows for sharing tips and tricks with your customers, and also maintaining a repository of internal material for training and process for your staff.

Expansive Statistics Reporting And Visualizations

Your website works for your business in several ways. The major way is that it gathers data about interactions, navigation, bounce rates, etc. The ARROW ERP also tracks data on everything from client interactions to payments to tasks, jobs, and employee timecards. All of this data is visualized with graphs directly in the system and is updated actively using the database, so the data is the most accurate it can be at any time you check it. Using the data gathered by your site further increases your ability to plan, set and reach goals, and continue the efficient running of your business.

Ease Of Use: You Can Do The Work Yourself!

We believe that website maintenance should be something you can do if you would like to. We’ve built the system with the end-users in mind and created an easy-to-use editing platform that allows for easy and quick webpage updates – so you don’t have to wait for or pay someone to update it for you. The ERP system also allows for you to manage your on-page SEO, so you know exactly which terms your site should come up for in search engine results.

We at ARMOR believe that your website should be an extension of your business that works with and for you. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we’ve built and tested the ARROW ERP to ensure that it does just that – and if it doesn’t we’ll develop systems into it until it does.