6 Reasons to Buy a Custom PC from ARMOR

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Custom Gaming PC

Welcome to Armor’s Custom Computer Lab

Who doesn’t want a product custom made for them? Of course, the problem with custom products is that they cost more upfront. However, the benefit of custom products is that they tend to last longer—this is especially true for computers. A good custom computer, say for gaming, starts at about a thousand dollars, which is a bit of a scary number when you see Best Buy offering a sale on an HP gaming PC for $500 (we’ll get into why this isn’t the great deal you think it is in just a minute). To help make that $1,000+ number less daunting, we offer financing through Square, so that you don’t have to worry about coming up with all of that money upfront. Easily apply at the shop or from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is answer a few quick questions to qualify for a $250-$10,000 loan. Square will show you all the costs with total clarity, and then you just pick the installment plan that fits your budget. Apply today! Here are some fundamental reasons to buy a custom system, rather than picking a pre-built machine.

1. Standardized parts will not have you replacing the entire computer.

We build custom systems with standardized parts that can be easily replaced, so you don’t need to throw the whole computer out. If the power supply fails, it gets replaced with another standard ATX power supply with the same wattage, not the Dell power supply that has its own unique size. If your RAM goes bad, you can put another stick in that is the same speed but doesn’t need to be a specific HP replacement part. Custom systems allow for flexibility and customization levels that cannot be matched by pre-built systems, and that makes it easier to maintain your computer throughout the lifespan of the machine.

2. Custom towers allow for better upgrades.

View 91 Tempered Glass RGB Edition

Grabbing that pre-built Acer computer offers little to no room for upgrades or expansions. The moment your system no longer meets the minimum requirements for the job, game, or whatever else you are using it for, you have to buy a whole new one. If you build a sweet gaming rig with a Thermaltake View 91 Tempered Glass case, for example, or any of the modern PC cases on the market, there are expansion areas for anything you need or might need in the future, e.g., more drives, water cooling, expansion bays for media readers, space to keep the system clean, and air filters to keep the inside of your computer dust free. Function isn’t the only reason to build a custom PC—these cases make the system look more modern, too!


Custom built gaming PC

There is nothing better than have a good computer with a robust power supply that weighs a ton. A quality power supply will make sure that your system doesn’t fall victim to the power fluctuations of the processor and video card during intensive gameplay or a 3D-rendering job. It also lets you keep adding more drives, more parts, more lights, and will help protect your computer from surge issues.

4. Special needs.

Four monitor computer setup.

There are a number of custom cases that have air filters on the case for industrial areas (or if you have pets). There are custom microcomputers that are built as small as possible with minimum requirements for data entry. Others are built for 4 to 8 monitor stations to display video, workspace, dispatch systems, financial markets, and more. All of our developer stations have 4 monitors to maximize our productivity. Building custom systems allows for each and every particular need of the job, service, or entertainment to be met.

5. Reliability.

Custom systems use better parts that have a lower failure rate. Most hardware bugs are issues with the development of the name brand system getting rushed out the door built with the cheapest components. If you’re lucky, the company will eventually send you a software patch sometime down the road. The highest volume of repair jobs we have come in are HP computers. We see very few custom-built computers fail in our shop. Most of the time, when it does happen, it is an issue with Windows.

6. Plus, you can do some really creative things with custom builds . . . like mounting them on your wall.

Custom Wall Mounted Gaming PC

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