Operating System Decay

Have you ever tried using a five-year-old computer to get something done? It's frustratingly slow, right? That's because, over time, the operating system decays. During the normal lifespan of a computer, you can expect to install and uninstall dozens of programs, hundreds of Windows updates, and who knows how many registry edits. After all of this is done, your computer is significantly different from when it was fresh out of the box. This process has been called many things: software rot, code rot, bit rot, software erosion, software decay, software entropy, etc.

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Backup, Backup, Backup: The 3-2-1 Data Backup Method

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One of the most common problems we see here at Armor is failing hard drives, and more often than not, the customer does not have a backup of their data. If you do not wish to lose your data, you need to have a backup. Most people are surprised by the failure of their hard drive. However, the hard drive itself is the most complicated part of the computer. There is an electro-mechanical arm that reads data on a disk spinning at thousands of RPMs, which is thermally expanding and contracting inside the hard drive.

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