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I have been in Downtown DeKalb for over 13 years working with the community and hundreds of businesses. Let me know if you need help with the technology of your business or just would like to chat.

- David A Galica

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I.T. Service Center &
Electronic Repair Magic

I.T. Service and Electronic Repair is performed by our certified technicians in-house or on-site. We diagnose your device's failures and provide you with an inexpensive method of solving your problems.

We take care of computer repair, smartphone repair including all iPhone and Android, tablet repair including iPads and Samsung, game counsel repair, data backup and recovery, virus removal, software installation, custom computers and servers, server and network migration and installation, and remote help desk.

Internet Marketing, Web & Graphic Design, & Social Media

GET YOUR NAME SEEN! Our marketing services are designed by in-house designers and developers to optimize custom design and software for every small business to produce positive ROI and become a company asset.

We maximize Analytics Analysis, SEO Content Creation, Conversion Optimization, Conversion Videos, Link Building Services, Mobile & Local Marketing, On Page Optimization, Google and Pay Per Click Services, Reputation Management, SEO Consulting, Social Media Marketing, Web Design Services, Logos, Branding, Business Cards, and Brochures.

Think Tank of Creative Art, Video, Writing, 3D Printing

New qualified ideas produce better business. Our team of artists, designers, engineers, writers, and interns create and produce eye-catching video, write quality relevant content, 3D print prototype projects and marketing material, create art for multimedia apps produce ideas and material for any idea a client will come to us with.

1. adjective: Relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. "change unleashes people's creative energy"
2. noun: creative; plural noun: creatives: A person who is creative, typically in a professional context at Armor Technologies



We have been in Downtown DeKalb for over 14 years working with everyone from your average home user to large businesses. Electronic repair is performed by our certified technicians in-house or on-site. We diagnose your device's failures and provide you with an inexpensive method of solving your problems. We repair computers, cell phones, game consoles, and much more in Dekalb, Sycamore, Rochelle and the surrounding area. Armor Technologies is a complete technology resource.

Some of our Prices

General Shop Repair (PC or MAC) /hr
Virus / Root Kit Removal
Operating System Install (OSI)
Standard Data Backup (for the first 40GB)
System Optimization and Clean Up
Hard Drive Install (w/ operating system & 40GB data backup) + cost of hard drive
Laptop LCD / LCD Data Cable Replacement + cost of part
Laptop DC Jack Repair + cost of part
Laptop USB Jack Repair + cost of part
Blue Ray / DVD / CD Optical Drive Installation + cost of part
Memory Upgrade + cost of part
Onsite Service for Home or Business /hr + travel time
iPhone 6 Screen Replacement
iPhone Charge Port Replacement
iPhone Battery Replacement
Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement
Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Replacement
Galaxy S7 Screen Replacement
Galaxy Note 5 Screen Replacement
Screen Replacement for iPad Mini
Screen Replacement for iPad Air
Screen Replacement for iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4
Screen Replacement for iPod Touch 5th Gen
General Mobile Device Repair + cost of part

Engineering Creative Marketing and Design

For more information, contact us, so we can show you how to create and maintain your internet marketing, create software for your company, implement apps in your tools, 3D print something you need, design your business cards and brochures, and so much more!