A Short Guide To Password Security

All of the online security in the world can be useless if it depends on a weak password. Statistically speaking 95% of users use an insecure or repeated password that puts them at much greater risk for breach of data.

In 2015 2 in 5 people had their information compromised

To help you from becoming another statistic in the news, we’ve put together a few tips on creating strong and unique passwords, as well as how to keep them secure.

1. Do not use any easily identifiable...
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Clear Text Login Discontinued

On Monday October 2nd at 6:00pm we will be changing the password transmission policies of our server.

Up until this point we have permitted cleartext logins and logins with older encryption protocols, while adding support and recommending newer more secure protocols. We did this to ensure support for older and non-standard email and ftp clients, as well as web browsers.

In light of recent events, locally, nationally, and globally, we feel it would be irresponsible to continue to take...
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What should I.T. cost? Don’t Get Over Sold.

This question is a common problem in the computer and web arena with a number of shops to choose from.  At home you need your computers and mobile devices up to speed and at work you need your tech running at top speed and your website bringing you new business.  So here is a list of some common needs so you have a better idea of the price of I.T.

Root Kit Virus Removal (ex FBI Moneypak): $90
System Optimization and Spyware Removal: $50
Onsite I.T. Service: Between $80 and $90/hr
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What is an Armor Tech?

So what is an Armor Tech? An Armor Tech is a technician that is always in training on current technology and is required to have a certain set of skills.  The list of skills is based on Problem Solving, Work Ethic, Customer Service, and Loyalty.  From those, we train Hardware and Software Trouble Shooting, Data Recovery, Soldering, Levels of Programming, Ohms Law and Electronics, Series / Parallel Circuits, and more.  We then review products that fit our clients and have our recom...
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Webistes With-out Borders

With all the changes in technology, custom software is becoming affordable for any business. Using web application software is not just for websites.   We can create an online time clock for your employees, inventory tracking systems, and more.  Even the thermostats in homes are incorporating smart technology that implements a website to control your house's temperature.  Now in business the largest driving system for any company is the one that controls and increases sal...
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8 Seconds to Failure

“Visitor’s spend an average of just eight seconds before deciding whether or not to remain on a website” so you have to ask: Is your site doing all it can for your business? The internet has reduced the time between closing a sale and losing revenue to a razor’s edge. Your website is no longer just a way to tell your clients that you have goods or services available – it’s your chance to show that your business is the right one for their needs. Smooth function...
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5G: The Future is now (kind of)!

Mobile networks constantly innovate. In the 1980s, when wireless technology began to go mainstream, the 1G analog networks supported the bulky, brick-like mobile phones from that era. The 90s saw the introduction of 2G digital networks, when Code Division Multiple Access moved mobile phones beyond voice transmission into data and text messaging. Around 2001, third generation (3G) devices appeared, first in Japan, and then in the US, offering the high-speed data transfer and Internet connection u...
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Eat, Sleep, Mobile, Repeat

When a consumer picks up his phone, is your brand in his hand? Mobile apps have become the most immersive medium for consumer engagement. Today’s consumer is overloaded and you need a way to reach your target audience with immediacy. Mobile applications are a personal, interactive, and effective way to accomplish this task.  Mobile websites are the best way to reach a new market.

And better still, your customers already use them on a daily basis:

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Armor Search Engine Optimization - How and Why?

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? 

A quality product speaks for itself. Your business excels in its field and you need a website that won’t sell you short. Armor websites have the quality and unique content to put you on the cutting edge of internet marketing and social media presence. Armor accomplishes this through Search Engine Optimization, a process that utilizes keywords algorithmically isolated to be associated with your business on search engines. We make sure that yo...
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Have You Met the A-Team?

Have you met some of the A-Team?  Between Rochelle, DeKalb and Geneva there are several Technicians, Designers, Programmers, and the Support Staff that manages and keeps the shop going day to day.  Get to know Toni and Linda.  They take good care of following through with the customers to make sure their Computers and Mobile Devices are getting in, fixed and returned into their hands as soon as possible.  Matt, Kyle, Andy, Adam, and Dakota are getting your computers, phones, ...
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